About us

Meetforadate.com is a new integrated dating site boasting many useful features. We cater to all adults from all countries around the world. We have tried to make this dating site as exciting for the user as possible. We intend on being a leader in the online dating industry for a long time to come. Please feel free to contact us using the forms on the site if you have any queries or complaints and we will gladly try and help you.

Mission Statement

We wish to offer our users an exciting and fulfilling online dating experience and grow our website to become a regular fixture for the greater online dating community.

At meetforadate.com, we are constantly doing research into how to market our site to become as widely visible as possible. We intend on growing organically over time to draw as many date seekers to the site as possible and give the user as wide a variety of members as possible to choose from.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple ie. to grow with our users, to help as many people find true love as possible and offer the best online dating experience as possible.


Meet  Our Team

Eric the strong


Eric started out as a graphic designer, worked in web design and has always felt a desire to bring people together, so started up meetforadate.com.


Lilian the clever

Chief Technical Officer

Lilian works as hard as possible to make sure the website runs seemlessly.


Luke the brave

Director of Marketing

Luke is always hard at work to market the website to the masses.





Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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